The Work of Copper


The work of Venus is the work of copper, and it is in the understanding of the transformative potential of this metal that we discover the riddle of Love. 

You see, cupper is not entirely what it appears to be. In the Western alchemical tradition, we find the classical phrase that our Venusian ingredient is to be regarded as external splendor and internal corruption. This statement is not just a random metaphor, but a precise description of one of the properties of this astonishingly beautiful, but remarkably unstable, metal. 

This is the thing: When cupper is heated, and starts to melt, toxic fumes are released – and if, or when, this poison is inhaled, it gets rather hard to breathe. The same goes for Love. 

* * *

In astrology Venus is referred to as one of the two benefic planets. This means that her influence is first perceived as the advent of kindness, joy, and pleasure. She is, however, so much more. 

Truth is that Witchcraft always was, and is, and will be the art of inversion, a feminine technique of turning everything upside down.

And so, we find that she who showered us with Love, is not as unarmed as we thought. Inside her veins a steady stream of poison is always ready to be swallowed by those who, purposefully or not, happen to find her melting point.

Does this mean that Love should be abandoned as a toxic illusion? That is the answer of those who cling to the idea of an escape and wish to leave a rotten Earth behind. They are the ones who, in their fear for death and urge for individual ascension above the common ground, have closed themselves for Love and thus refused a full encounter with the rushing essence of it all.

We shall deal hardly with them – says the Goddess and her Beast, as they set out to open every living heart.

* * *

Now, time is of the essence. It makes a difference how long we wait. There is a call to action. She asks us to hand over our liquids, not just as a tribute to be paid, but as a gift from those who know that, sooner or later, everything really does return to the source – the faster the better. 

Her joy is to see your joy, and to make it flourish, for all of us to thrive. For this to happen, you must become a simple as you can.

Here is the essence of the cupper work: To willfully expose ourselves to this corrosive metal, knowing that we shall be poisoned, and then, when everything finally comes crashing down, perform the greatest trick of them all.  

* * *

A union of defeat a victory, so everything turns into green, and Love becomes the Queen of all, fiercely raising friendly beasts, and beastly friends, that once were shallow men – for all of us to see that wounds are where the real gets in.

Only beauty shall redeem the World.

So, please, my friends, stick to the plan – and be as patient, as you can:  It takes a bit of time for cupper to change color. 

Stay where you grow. 

For *NN*
The Witch
of my