Gør hvad du vil skal være Lovens helhed

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This woman-goddess is Harlequin; she is the partner and fulfilment of The Fool. She is the ultimate illusion which is manifestation; she is the dance, many-coloured, many-wiled, of Life itself. Constantly whirling, all possibilities are enjoyed, under the phantom show of Space and Time: all things are real, the soul is the surface, precisely because they are instantly compensated by this Adjustment. All things are harmony and beauty; all things are Truth: because they cancel out – Aleister Crowley: ‘The Book of Thoth’ s. 87

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A tricky Line of Work


Imagine yourself in a most tricky line of work. Your job is to administer snake poison. The aim of this ministry of an exquisitely subtle stimulant is at the same time to kill and to cure.

You know this. Every time you go to work, you know that this is the kind of business you’re in, and that your employer enjoys to see you in the act. What you don’t know is how the interplay of these two seemingly disparate effects of the same pharmaceutical remedy will fall out in any particular case.

Quite often, it’s like flipping a coin. Or more precisely, it’s like flipping a card to see where on the multifaceted spectrum between mortification and invigoration this particular injection. Cause, obviously, there’s not two options. There never is.

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Heksenes tid


Når kvinden skal føde, har hun det svært, fordi hendes time er kommet; men når hun har født sit barn, husker hun ikke mere sin trængsel af glæde. 
– Johannes 16,21


All things are sacred to me; no thing is sacred from me. For there is no holiness where I am not.
– Liber A’ash vel Capricorni pneumatici: 28-29

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Succes // Success – 6 Skiver

Velkommen til femte afsnit af serien Årsrejse i Tarottens talkort. De foregående tekster kan findes under hovedsiden Tarot

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Gør hvad du vil skal være hele Loven

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1. maj – 10. maj

Med særligt hensyn til Frater C² i anledning af udklækningens fejring

Dette er det faste jordtegns centerpunkt i Tyrens strålelyse hjerte. Bag os ligger bekymringens, kværnende, kvælende omdrejninger derude og derinde. Her kan der åndes. Kortets navn er Success // Succes. Formlen lyder: Jord + Månen i Tyren + 6. sfære i Livstræet.

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